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Working with Calendar
Working with Calendar

Learn about the Calendar view modes and how to use them efficiently

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'Calendar' is a useful tool to organize your business process, schedule appointments easily, and keep track of the assignments of your employees.

Go to the 'Calendar' page straight from the left-side menu:

The scheduled appointments, classes, or jobs can be searched and selected by dates, assigned employees, or customers through the search tools at the top of the page.

You can view and work with the calendar in different modes based on your specific needs and preferences. Click on the drop-down menu at the top of the page to select the calendar view:

Enabling the 'Dispatch' mode displays all assignments for employees on the selected date:

'Schedule' mode allows you to view the number of appointments assigned to employees on the selected date:

If you select the 'Day' mode, only appointments for the selected date will be displayed. Clicking 'Today' in the top left corner will let you see the calendar for the current date:

The 'Week' mode will display the schedule for the selected week:

The 'Month' mode presents the monthly view of the calendar for the selected dates.

If you have any unscheduled appointments, they will be displayed if you toggle the 'Unscheduled' switch in the top right corner:

To schedule an unscheduled event, drag it to any time slot on the calendar. After that,
the event can be viewed and edited.

Appointments can be scheduled and rescheduled simply by dragging them to the desired time slots in any of the calendar view modes.

Finally, there is a very convenient way to add any type of appointments, estimates, and tasks directly from the 'Calendar' page. Just click anywhere on the page and select
an option from the pop-up menu:

If you need any guidance on how to add appointments and other events, please refer to our articles on the topic.

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