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Adding Class Sessions

Add this function to manage events with limited number of seats

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'Classes' is an option that allows your customers to reserve seats for classes, training sessions, and other events with a limited number of seats.


Before you start setting up classes, make sure that you have the 'Classes' page enabled. To enable the 'Classes' mode go to your company profile by selecting 'Settings' -> 'Accounts & Billing' -> 'Business Info'. Check the 'Classes' box at the bottom of the page and click 'Save'. Now the 'Classes' section will be displayed on the left-side menu.

To add a new class go to the 'Classes' page and click 'Add Class Session' at the top:

Another way to add a class is to click on the plus sign icon in the top right corner of the page and select 'Class' from the drop-down menu:

In a new window fill out the information about the class session.

First, add a class name. It can be selected from a list of previously added classes on the drop-down menu. If a class hasn't been added before, you can add a new one by clicking the 'Add ...' field once you start typing the class name. Check out the 'Adding Classes' article to learn more about adding classes.

Then, assign the class to an employee from your list of employees. Set a date and time, as well as the class session frequency. This can be selected as a one-off, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly event.

After filling out the duration, the number of seats, and the price, click 'Save'.

The class session(s) will be displayed on the 'Classes' page. Sessions can be sorted by the assigned employees, customers, class name, and status (upcoming, ongoing, finished, or canceled).

To edit, cancel, or delete the session, click on the three dots menu on the session line.

You can also edit, cancel, delete the session, as well as add a task for your employees from the class session page, once you click anywhere on the session line:

To add attendees to the class session, click 'Add':

Select attendees from your customer list or add a new customer. You can find the guide to adding new customers in the 'Adding a customer' article:

See also: Adding Classes

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