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Working with Requests

How to add and work with requests in a few steps

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Work requests serve as an initial form of communication from your customer before they are turned into an estimate or a job. They provide general information about the work your customer wants to get done.

Requests can either be generated when your customer fills out a work request form
(from your website or following a link) or added manually (for example, when you take
a request by phone).

Here is a guide on how to add work requests manually:

  1. Go to the 'Requests' page from the left-side menu and click 'Add Request'
    at the top-right corner:

Alternatively, you can click on the plus sign icon at the top-right corner and select 'Request' from a drop-down menu:

2. Fill out the information about the work to be done and click 'Save' or 'Save & View':

3. The new request will b displayed on the 'Requests' page. To edit, delete, or archive
a request, click on the three-dots menu at the end of the row. You can also enter
the editing and view mode by clicking anywhere on the row:

4. In the view mode you can view all the request details. The menu at the top right corner also allows you to edit the request, add a task for your employees, and convert the request into an estimate or a job:

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