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Adding a Request Form to Your Website
Adding a Request Form to Your Website

Customize the work request form and add it to your website

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A work request form is a convenient tool allowing your customers to book a service
or schedule an appointment with you.

You can customize the information and appearance of the request form as well as
embed it into your website very easily and in just a few steps:

Getting started

The 'Work Requests' page is only displayed when the 'Jobs' mode is activated. To enable the 'Jobs' mode go to your company profile by selecting 'Settings' -> 'Accounts & Billing' -> 'Business Info'. Check the 'Jobs' box at the bottom of the page and click 'Save'.

The 'Work Requests' page will be displayed under the 'Jobs & Appointments' section of the left-side 'Settings' menu:

Customizing your form

You can customize your work request form by specifying the earliest availability of your services. Put in a number of business days in the field below to indicate the earliest date
for your customer to make an appointment:

This option lets your customers book appointments starting from a specified number of days after the current date. It will be displayed in the 'Schedule an appointment' section of the appointment form:

If you wish to have the form as a popup window, add a 'Book Online' button to launch the popup on any page of your website. You can customize the button appearance by selecting the background and text colors as well as the button title.

For websites that have their own theme, like those run on WordPress, we recommend selecting the 'Default button appearance'. This way the button would match
the theme style automatically.

After you have decided on the changes, copy and paste the code on your website:

Sharing your form

After you are set with the form, you can either share it on social media or embed it on your website.

To share the request form just copy the link by pressing the 'Copy' icon:

Adding the form to your website

There are two ways to add the form to your website. If your website is run on WordPress, read our article on how to add the request form to a WordPress site.

If you would like the full request form to show on your website, select the code below and insert it into your website code:

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