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Add events to your price list as items

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If your business involves providing classes, training sessions, or any other events with a duration, then they should be added to your price list as 'Classes'. 'Classes' allow your customers to reserve seats if there is a limited number of seats and pay for the event in advance.

Before you start setting up classes, make sure that you have the 'Classes' page enabled. To enable the 'Classes' mode go to your company profile by selecting 'Settings' -> 'Accounts & Billing' -> 'Business Info'. Check the 'Classes' box at the bottom of the page and click 'Save'. Now the 'Classes' section will be displayed on the left-side menu and as a tab on the 'Price List' page.

Once the 'Classes' mode is enabled, go to 'Settings', open the 'Jobs & Appointments' menu, and select 'Price List'. Proceed to the 'Classes' tab. Click 'Add Class':

In a pop-up window enter the class name and select an applicable category (check out how to add a category), introduce the price amount, duration in minutes, and the number of seats. You can also specify whether the class can be booked by customers and requires a prior payment for the reservation. Click 'Save':

The new class will be displayed under the 'Classes' tab on the 'Price List' page. To edit or delete the class, click on the three dots menu at the end of the class row:

When you have added classes they can be selected as price list items on your invoices and estimates. Moreover, you can now add class sessions associated with the classes you have.

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