Adding a Price List

Add a list of your custom and preset services to create invoices and estimates

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A price list is a list of services your business provides. Adding it to your company profile will allow you easily create and edit invoices and estimates for your clients.

There are two options to add a price list: you can either add price list items manually or import the list as a whole from a CSV file. To learn how to import your price list, check out 'Importing a Price List'.

This article provides a guide to:

Adding a new price list item

To add a new price list item go to 'Settings' and click 'Price List' under the
'Jobs & Appointments' section. On the page under the 'Items' tab (opens by default) click 'Add' and select 'New price list item' from the drop-down menu:

The form is standardized for all types of services. It allows you to enter the item name, select a category (if previously added), and provide a description, duration, and price. You can also customize business hours and attach images.

To indicate whether the service is mobile, taxable, bookable by customers, or requires
prior payment, simply check the corresponding boxes. Additionally, you have the option
to specify a deposit amount (in dollars or percentage) that customers need to pay when booking the service. If you select the 'Require Customer Payment' option, the full amount for the service should be paid.

Once everything is done, click 'Save'. The item will be added to your price list.

Adding preset price list items by industry

CustomerBase provides a list of preset price list items corresponding to various industries.

This allows you to save more time rather than adding new items one by one.

To get started add the industries relevant to your business by clicking 'Add' and selecting

'Add an industry' on the drop-down menu:

Select one or more industries relevant to your business and click 'Save':

A list of preset items for your selected industries will be displayed on the 'Price List' page.

To edit, duplicate, or delete an item, click on the three dots menu at the right end of the table row:

Adding a new industry

If there is no relevant industry for your business on the menu, you can easily add your own. Go to the 'Industries' tab and click 'Add':

Enter a name for a new industry. It will be added to the list of industries. Now it can be selected for the price list items:

Adding a new category

Each item belongs to a certain category. A category describes a group of services that are related to the same business area of the selected industry.

Preset price list items from corresponding industries are already put into categories. To add a new category to your price list go to the 'Categories' tab on the 'Price List' page and click 'Add':

Enter a name for a new category and select an industry that the category belongs to, and click 'Save':

Working with your price list

If your price list includes multiple industries, it can be filtered by industry. Click on the 'Industry' field and select the required industry on the drop-down menu. There is also a search tool available for your convenience.

To remove an industry from the list completely, go to the 'Add an industry' menu again:

Uncheck the industry box:

Please be aware that the items belonging to the industry will be lost once you remove it.

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