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Adding Organizations

Learn how to add new organizations and switch among existing accounts

Written by CustomerBase Dev Team
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If you have more than one business, you can add new organizations to your profile, and manage their accounts through CustomerBase.

To add a new organization, go to the 'Settings' menu and select 'Organizations' under 'Accounts and Billing', then click on 'Add Organization' button in the top right corner:

Enter the name of the new organization in the pop-up window. Additionally, you can copy a number of settings from the current organization by checking the applicable boxes:

Clicking on 'Save' will open a 'Business Info' page for the new organization, where you will be able to add and customize business information about the organization. You can learn more from our article on setting up your company's profile.

The new organization will be displayed on the 'Organizations' page. Please note that the newly added organization will be automatically set as the current organization. If you want to switch between your companies accounts click on the 'Switch' button for the desired organization:

To delete an organization, click on the three dots menu on the organization card and press 'Delete':

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