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Adding a Work Request Form to WordPress
Adding a Work Request Form to WordPress

Add a work request or booking form to a WordPress website

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Adding a work request form to your WordPress website is an easy process. If you want to customize the form and specify the earliest appointment availability, please refer to our general article on customizing and embedding the request form into your website.

To start, log in to your WordPress admin panel and go to the 'Pages' menu.

Click on the page you would like to add the form to. Once you enter the 'Edit' mode, you can add a new block by clicking 'Add block' on the top menu or anywhere on the page.

Select the 'Custom HTML' block:

A new block will be displayed:

There are two options for adding the form to your site:

1. Embed a full form on a page.

Go to the 'Settings' menu and select the 'Work Requests' page under 'Jobs & Appointments'. Copy the code from the 'Embedded widget' section:

Paste the code in the 'Custom HTML' block on your website and press 'Update':

The full request form will be shown on the website:

2. Add a button to launch a popup window.

Copy the code from the 'Add a button to your website' section on the 'Work Requests' page:

We recommend selecting the 'Default button appearance' option, which automatically customizes the button's appearance to match your WordPress theme. Additionally,
you can manually customize the button title.

Before you insert the code into the 'Custom HTML' block, type a <p> tag to make sure
the button is aligned correctly under the upper blocks. Press 'Update':

The button will appear under the text and match the theme of your website:

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