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Importing a Customer List
Importing a Customer List

Importing your existing customer list from a file

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Importing your customer list is one of the essential things to do after you set up an account with CustomerBase. You can import customers' information easily by selecting 'Customers' and pressing on 'Imports' in the settings menu:

Select 'Import Customers':

Before you start importing the list you will need to prepare it.

Download the template customer list in .csv format. This template

can be opened in Excel, Numbers, Open Office, Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet editing software.

Click here to download the template or follow the link in the popup window:

The list includes sample customer information so you can see how the format of each column should look. You can delete it before adding your customer list to the file.

Fill out the fields in the sample file accordingly:

It is important that you save your customer list file in a .csv or .xls format.

Upload the file and press 'Proceed'.

Each column header would be mapped to a customer field based on the field name. However, you can manually map the headers using a dropdown menu:

If you wish to leave out any fields select 'Don't import' on the dropdown menu:

Press 'Proceed' and make sure the list upload has a 'Completed' status:

Now you will be able to see the uploaded list on the 'Customers' page:

If there was an error in the format of the uploaded list, you will see it in the 'Error Count' field on the 'Imports' page:

CustomerBase allows you to download the error list and review the errors.
Go to the three dots menu:

Select 'Download error file':

Once the errors are corrected, you can upload the revised list again.
Please note that the country name in the address line should be written
in a two-letter format, e.g. "US" for the United States (in accordance
with the ISO 3166 alpha-2 country code format).

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