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Managing Your Organizations
Managing Your Organizations

A quick guide on how to manage several business accounts

Written by CustomerBase Dev Team
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If you have several business accounts at CustomerBase, you can manage them easily.

CustomerBase allows smooth switching between your organisations, as well as adding and deleting them from the same page.

To view and manage your business accounts, go to the 'Organizations' page under 'Accounts & Billing' on the right-side 'Settings' menu:

The currently active account is displayed on the top of the page and is highlighted with a blue frame. At the same time you can see the name of the current organisation in the top left corner of the page:

There are two ways to switch to other accounts:

  1. By clicking on the 'Switch' button on the organization card.

  2. By clicking on the current business name in the top left corner and selecting an organization from the drop-down menu.

All the job flow settings and business information will be displayed for the selected organization.

To add a new organization, click on 'Add Organization' at the top right corner:

In a pop-up window enter a name for a new organization and tick relevant boxes
if you would like to copy any of the settings from the current business account:

Once you click 'Save' you will be redirected to the 'Business Info' page where you can fill out more details about the new organization. Here is our article on how to set up
โ€‹a company profile.

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