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Customizing templates
Customizing templates

Customize your invoices, receipts, and replies to reviews

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CustomerBase provides a number of templates to help you make your payment documents such as receipts or invoices look nice and easy to read. Besides, you can make your own templates to reply to reviews from your customers. You can also customize the provided templates according to your needs.

Here is a guide to customizing the templates for:


To view and customize the templates for invoices, go to 'Invoice' under the 'Templates' tab on the left-side 'Settings' menu:

CustomerBase provides four types of templates for invoices: Standard, Light, Air,
and Retail. You can select the one that you use more often as a default one by clicking 'Set by default' at the bottom of each template:

You can preview, edit, or copy the templates. These options appear when you hover over the 'Set by default' button. To enter the editing mode, click on the edit icon:

In the editing mode, you are able to edit each part of the template separately by selecting the corresponding tab.

Within the 'General' tab, you can specify if you'd like to include your company's logo and modify the background and font colors. You can either save these modifications
(by clicking 'Save') or revert them to the default settings (by clicking 'Reset'). Additionally, there's an option to duplicate the current template. For your convenience, there's an invoice preview on the right-hand side to track all the changes:

Within the 'Header' tab you can select the data to be displayed on the invoice header:

The 'Items' tab menu allows you to define the way items are displayed on the invoice:

Finally, within the 'Footer' tab you can opt for displaying any relevant details. These can be added when you create or update an invoice. Check out our article on how to create an invoice. You can also add Terms and Conditions clauses.

Once all the changes are made, click 'Save'. It will take you back to the invoice templates page. None of the four provided templates can be deleted, but you can delete the ones that were copied from them. Be aware that you can't delete a created template while it is set
as a default one:


To access the receipts template, go to 'Receipts' under 'Templates' on the left-side 'Settings' menu:

You can customize the template by adding or removing data to be displayed on the receipt. Just check or uncheck a corresponding checkbox. All the modifications can be tracked on the receipt preview. Once the template is customized, click 'Save Template':

Review replies

There are no predesigned templates for review replies, so you can create your own.
To do so, go to the 'Review Reply' page under 'Templates' and click 'Add Template':

In a pop-up window enter the template name and the text of the reply. Click 'Save':

You can add multiple templates to reply to different types of reviews. To edit or delete
a template, click on the three dots menu:

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