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Setting Up Service Areas
Setting Up Service Areas

Set up service areas to define the areas for conducting your business

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The service area is a defined territory for conducting your business and providing your services. You can outline it yourself based on logistics convenience, geographical restrictions your business might have (for example, if your license is only applicable
in a certain area), or any other reason. There can be several service areas.

To set up your service area, go to the 'Service Areas' page under 'Jobs & Appointments'
of the 'Settings' menu. Click 'Add Service Area' in the top right corner.

A new service area can be either outlined as a circle or a polygon:

For a circle, you can also define a radius in miles:

Service areas are enabled by default unless you untoggle the 'Enabled' switch.

The newly added area will be displayed on the 'Service Areas' page. To edit or delete
an area, click on the three dots menu at the end of the corresponding row:

If the address indicated in a request form by your customer is outside your outlined area,
a corresponding icon will be displayed in the 'Address' field on the 'Requests' page:

This information can also be viewed in the requests editing mode:

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