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Working with Map
Working with Map

Use the Map tool to visualize the appointments

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The 'Map' tool helps to visualize the geographical position of your customers and view where your jobs and appointments take place on a selected date.

To have a preview of how it works, go to the 'Maps' page through the left-side menu:

Any appointments or jobs for the selected date will be displayed on the page.

They can be filtered by customers, services, or assigned employees.

Geotags on the map indicate the geographical location of a job or appointment.
The tags include the initials of the assigned employee for your convenience.

Clicking on a tag will make pop up a window with detailed information about
the appointment:

The window includes information about the customer and the time, date, and status of the appointment. You can easily manage the appointment right from the pop-up window if it has to be canceled or marked as finished.

The window also allows you to generate a paylink, add a task for your employees, manage the payment, clone, or delete the appointment.

Clicking 'Edit' or 'More Details' will open the 'Appointments' page and you can proceed to edit your appointment.

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