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Easy set up for your customers to book an appointment

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'Appointments' is a useful tool if you want your customers to be able to book appointments for your services. Adding an appointment takes just a few easy steps.

To start, go to 'Appointments' on the left-side menu. On the 'Appointments' page click 'Add Appointment':

Another quick way to add an appointment is to click on the plus sign icon at the top right corner and select 'Appointment':

In the 'New Appointment' window fill out the information about the appointment by adding a customer, selecting a service from your price list, and assigning an employee. You may add more than one service to the appointment, click 'Add service' to do that. The appointment can also be set as a repeated action by selecting the appropriate frequency period.

If you'd like to notify the customer about the appointment, check the box at the bottom.

Once everything is set, click 'Save'.

The new appointment will be displayed on the 'Appointments' page.

Clicking on the three dots menu at the end of the row allows you to select a number of actions: the appointment can be canceled or marked as finished. You can also edit, clone, or delete it, generate a QR code and send a link to customers to pay for the appointment.

By clicking anywhere on the row you will enter the appointment managing mode. All the actions mentioned above are also available in the top right corner. There is also an option of creating a task associated with the appointment (to learn more about tasks check out the 'Adding a Task' article):

Besides, the appointment managing mode allows sending messages to the customer by clicking on the message sign icon in the customer information field. You can also add notes, files, and payments:

In the payment form select the payment method and the invoice associated with the appointment:

If a refund has to be made to the customer, click on 'Refund' in the 'Payments' field:

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