Adding a Task

How to assign tasks to your employees in just a couple of steps

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Assigning tasks to your employees makes your workflow run more smoothly and efficiently.

To add a task, go to the 'Tasks' section on the left-side menu and click on 'Add Task':

Alternatively, you may click on the plus sign icon in the top right corner and select 'Task' on the drop-down menu:

A task form will appear in a pop-up window:

The form allows selecting a task type ('to - do', 'email', or 'call'), setting a date and a reminder, as well as assigning a responsible employee. You may also indicate the job, estimate, invoice, or appointment the task is associated with. After filling it out and adding a title, click on 'Save':

On the 'Tasks' page you may sort the tasks by their due time by clicking on the 'Status' field.

The tasks can also be filtered by employees or keywords in the 'Search' field.

To delete a task click on the three dots menu and press 'Delete':

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