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Setting Up Team Notifications
Setting Up Team Notifications

Learn how to set and edit notifications for your team

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Setting up reminders for your staff is a useful tool to help your workflow run smoothly.

To add notifications for your team, go to 'Settings' and select 'Team Notifications' under 'Accounts & Billing'. The interface allows setting up notifications for estimates, jobs, and appointments assigned to your team members:

To activate the reminder function, toggle the switch on the right. The default time settings for each type of assignment are displayed in a grey field. To edit the settings, click on 'Edit':

In a pop-up window select the number of days or hours before the appointment to send the reminder. You can also schedule it for the same day and exact time. Besides, you can decide whether the notification should be sent by email or SMS.

To add a new reminder, click 'Add Reminder', and to delete one click on the trash bin icon. Once everything is set, click on 'Save':

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