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Managing Customer Notifications
Managing Customer Notifications

Manage templates, frequency, and ways to notify your customers

Written by CustomerBase Dev Team
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CustomerBase allows you to manage all types of notifications that can be sent to your customers by e-mail or as a text message (SMS).

To access the notifications management page go to 'Settings' on the left-side menu and click on 'Notifications' on the 'Customers' drop-down menu:

There are several sections displayed on the page. They allow to edit how a notification text would look like on your emails or text messages to your customers for:

  • Getting Paid (Invoices);

  • Estimates;

  • Jobs;

  • Appointments;

  • Classes;

  • Payments (Receipts);

  • Getting Reviews;

  • Work Request Confirmation Emails.

Most of the notifications are selected by default. If you don't want to send any notification or, on the contrary, would like to send one, check the corresponding box:

To edit the text of the notification, click on the 'Edit', 'Email', or 'SMS' buttons at the end
of each notification line:

A pop-up window allows you to enter the editing mode. Depending on the type
of a notification, you can change the subject and the text of an email message
and add or delete follow-up time settings:

There can also be more than one tab, allowing you to edit both an email and a text message from the same window.

For your convenience there is a preview field on the right. If you want to discard
the changes you have made, the 'Reset' button will revert the text to the default settings.
Once you have finished editing, click 'Save':

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