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Adding a Customer
Adding a Customer

Learn how to add new customers individually

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There are two ways to add new customers: you can either import your customer list or add your customers individually one by one.

To add customers individually go to 'Customers' on the left-side menu and press 'Add Customer' in the upper right corner:

Alternatively, you may click on the plus sign icon in the top right corner and select 'Customer' on the drop-down menu:

Fill out the information about the customer contact information in the pop-up window (please note, that you may add more than one phone, e-mail, or address for one customer). Once the form is completed, press 'Save & View' or 'Save' at the bottom:

The new customer will appear on the 'Customers' page:

If you wish to edit or delete a customer, press on the icon at the end of the line:

Clicking on the customer's name will take you to the customer's profile page, where you will be able to view appointments, invoices, payments, and messages, as well as add notes and files:

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