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Creating an Estimate
Creating an Estimate

An easy way to create a quote for your customers

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Estimates allow your customers to get a quote on how much your service will cost and make sure you agree on the payment terms before the job starts.

To create an estimate, go to the 'Estimates' page through the left-side menu and press 'Add Estimate'.

Alternatively, you may click on the plus sign icon at the top right corner and select 'Estimate' on the drop-down menu:

A brief estimate form will appear in a pop-up window. Fill out the form and press on either 'Save' or 'Save & View':

The 'Save & View' option allows going directly to the detailed form page.

The form is similar to those for the jobs or invoices and allows editing information on the assigned employees, as well as adding items, notes, and files for the customer.

If a visit to the customer premises is required to make an assessment for the estimate, you may inform the customer that your employee is on the way. You can also indicate the start and finish of the assessment work by clicking on the buttons at the top of the page. A corresponding message will be sent to the customer by e-mail or text message:

To add items, click on 'Add Item':

You can add items manually or select them from your imported price list. You may also specify if the item is taxable, set a discount, and a deposit if relevant:

You may also attach any relevant files and leave notes for the customer below:

The form includes an activity log that allows to track changes made in the estimate by employees. The activity log is for internal use only and is not visible to the customer.

Once the form is filled out, you can proceed to the top-right menu and select among a number of actions:

  • send the estimate to the customer by e-mail and text message;

  • approve it, when the customer agrees to the terms;

  • assign tasks related to the estimate to your employees;

  • copy the estimate to a job, edit the title, clone, cancel, or delete the estimate (can be selected on the drop-down menu after clicking on the 'More' icon);

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