Importing a Price List

Import your price list as a file

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Price list items are the services that your business provides. They can be added to your company profile manually or imported as a list from a CSV file. For guidelines on adding and editing price list items manually, check out the 'Adding a Price List' article.

To import your price list go to 'Settings' on the left-side menu and select 'Price List' under 'Jobs & Appointments'. On the page under the 'Items' tab (opens by default) click the 'Add' button and select 'Import':

Alternatively, you can go to the 'Import' tab.

Before you start importing the list you will need to prepare it. Download the template price list in a . CSV format. The provided template can be opened in Excel, Numbers, Open Office, Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet editing software.

Click here to download the template or follow the link in the popup window:

The template list includes the fields in the order they will be displayed on the 'Price List' page:

Fill out the fields accordingly:

It is important that you save your price list file in a . CSV format. Otherwise, it won't be recognized by the system. Upload the file and press 'Proceed'.

After the list has been imported, the new items will appear on the 'Price List' page under the 'Items' tab:

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