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Adding Employees to Your Team
Adding Employees to Your Team

Invite new members to your team, add their information, and stay updated on the progress of their work

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After you have set up your company profile you may proceed to adding your employees. This way you can easily assign tasks to your team and stay updated on the status of their work.

To add a new employee as well as to view the existing team go to the 'Settings' menu, select 'Team' under 'Accounts & Billing', and click on the 'Team' tab:

Click on the 'Add' button in the top right corner of the page to add a new member to your team:

Now you can enter the information about your employee in a pop-up form.

In the 'Roles' field, you can assign a specific role to the employee using the drop-down menu. Permissions for the 'Office staff', 'Worker', and 'Admin' roles are set by default. However, you have the flexibility to customize the permissions list. Learn how to customize the permissions in the 'Setting Employee's Permissions' article.

Along with personal and contact details, you may also add a picture and a color for your employee by clicking on the big and the smaller circles in the top left corner of the employee card. The color will be displayed on your calendar to indicate the tasks assigned to this employee.

If you wish your employee's name to be visible on active online booking pages, check the 'Bookable by Customers Online' box:

After you have filled out the form press either 'Save & View Employee' or 'Save' button. The employee information will be displayed on the 'Team' page.

In order to let your employee have access to their account, they should get an invitation. Click on the employee card and press on the 'Invite' icon in the top right corner. The employee will then receive an invitation email to the email address indicated in the form with a link to log in and set a password for their account.

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